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ASSAP: The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomolous Phenomena


ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) have investigated many cases in the past with the main emphasis on a scientific approach to strange events. There is a small fee for joining which includes a newsletter and the option on becoming as much involved with the society as you wish.

The Ghost Club

This society is dedicated to the investigation of ghosts and other paranormal events, they are one of the oldest established paranormal groups in Britain.

The Staffordshire Paranormal Study Group

The Staffordshire Paranormal Study Group is dedicated to the even-handed investigation of all paranormal activity. So far, we've investigated a variety of locations and had some interesting results with things like remote viewing. We're an ASSAP accredited group, too.

C E Paranormal

We are a private team based in the Midlands and North of England. Most of the team have independently been investigating the paranormal for just over 6 years and have been together as a group for nearly 4 years (the current team members having been together for about 2 years). Read More »

Black Country Paranormal Society

The B.C.P.S was set up to investigate anything of a paranormal nature. All investigations are approached with an open mind and are conducted in a professional manner. Membership is free and we look forward to contact from other paranormal groups.

The West Midlands Ghost Club

Established in 1991, to study and investigate (alleged) Paranormal Activity within the West Midlands, South Staffordshire and immediate surrounding area.
The Ghost Club endeavours to encourage contact and collaboration with other Paranormal Enthusiasts and Investigative Societies.

The Midlands Ghost Research Society

The Midlands Ghost Research Society was set up November 2002 and is a Coventry based group. We investigate into possibly hauntings and have accumulated an extensive range of equipment. Our services are offered to the public as well as businesses and rate ourselves highly in confidentiality to the client. Read More »

The Spooked Team

The SPOOKED!! Paranormal Team evolves around the world of the Paranormal, their goal is to travel around the UK, WALES, SCOTLAND & IRELAND conducting over night Paranormal Investigations to see if there is any truth of Paranormal existence as they strongly believe that there is something ghostly out there & they don't mean an entire collection of Cliff Richard records!!!! Read More »


Parasearch was formed in December 1986 by David Taylor to investigate and research alleged paranormal phenomena in the West Midlands (including Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire). Read More »

PSI (Paranormal Site Investigators)

PSI Logo

PSI (Paranormal Site Investigators) is an excepted education and research charity in the UK, with over 1300 associate members. It exists to educate the public about anomalous experiences, and to conduct scientific research.

PSI's abbreviated objects are to: Read More »

Spiral Paranormal

Established in January 2007 by Founders Marq English and Alexis Pelling following the completion of Marq’s first feature film Return to Ravenswood, Spiral approaches the world of the paranormal visually with online video episodes detailing both investigations and related topics. Read More »

Midlands Ghost Hunters

This is a group of paranormal investigators that was set up to investigate ghostly activity throughout locations in the UK.  In 2008 a group of people got talking about the paranormal and they realised that they all shared an interest......... GHOSTS! Read More »

Parasearch (The Paranormal Investigatiors)

Parasearch Logo

Parasearch is not a Society or Club of voluntary members but a Scientific Organisation based in Huntingdonshire in the UK we also have an operation in the Northern Canada. We offer our clients focused services in the field of Forensic Parapsychology. Read More »

P.R.O.O.F Paranormal Research Team

We at P.R.O.O.F are a group of professional paranormal researchers that operate across the United Kingdom, investigating reports of hauntings, poltergeists, residual energies and all forms of paranormal phenomena to find out if a location is truly active or not.

Bristol Ghost Club

Bristol Ghost Club is a non-profit organisation with a friendly paranormal team committed to investigate haunted locations across the South West of England and Wales. We are actively seeking new members and new locations and do not charge for our services.

Smethwick Paranormal Investigations

Smethwick Paranormal Investigations, were founded in Smethwick over fifteen years ago and we investigate all areas of the country . Read More »

UK Paranormal Study

Founded in 2005 by Jester and a good friend Dave Cable the UK Paranormal Study have investigated many haunted locations around the UK locations such as The Galleries Of Justice (Nottingham), The Ancient Ram Inn (Wotton-Under-Edge), Bradgate Park (Leicester), Manor House (West Bromwich) plus many more. Read More »

Derby Paranormal Investigators

Derby Paranormal Investigators carry out investigations throughout Derby and surrounding areas as well as national on occasions.

We offer our services free of charge and only on occasions ask for a small travel fee depending on the location.

We aim to prove whether a property or location is actually haunted or not by using several pieces of equipment. Read More »



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