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The ruins of Bhangarh fort and city are in Alwar district, Rajasthan, India and is roughly 80kms from Alwar City. It has been called the most haunted place in India and  staying in the ruins after dark is strictly prohibited by the government. Other websites I have visited seem to almost give the impression that the restricted access is due to the haunting though the notices warning people not to visit before dawn or after dusk don’t refer to ghosts. So surely this has more to do with safe guarding the ruins than protecting visitors from the lingering spirits.

This ruins date back to 1631 and the town was founded by Madho Singh a younger brother of Man Singh, a general of Emperor Akbar.

I have not come across any individual witness accounts of experiences in the ruins, though we would of course be very interested to hear from anyone who knows more about this case. It is said that some visitors have reported that the ruins had a strange atmosphere and some people have felt anxious and restless.

The Legend of Princess Ratnawati and Singhia
It is said that the beauty and charm of Princess Ratnawati of Bhangarh was without equal in the Rajasthan region and she received offers of marriage from the princes of several other states. However a local Tantrik (a man associated with black magic) called Singhia fell in love with Princess Ratnawati and decided to use his occult powers to entice her to his bed. When Ratnawati's maid was in the local market buying scented oil for her mistress, Singhia used his magic to charm the oil she had acquired. When the Princess applied to oil to herself she would become hypnotised and immediately seek out the Tantrik so that she could be with him. Princess Ratnawati had seen Singhia casting his spell on her oil and not willing to take the risk of using it, she through the oil away and it splashed all over a large stone. The Tantrik’s magic was so powerful that it actually worked on the stone as well and it started to roll away, seeking out Singhia. When the stone found Singhia it crushed him to death. His dying words placed a curse on Bhangarh and the people who lived in it. His curse dictated that everyone in the palace would die and their souls would be trapped, preventing them from being re-incarnated.  A year later a battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh took place and everyone in the palace was killed, including Princess Ratnawati.

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