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Bingen Poltergeist

Situated at the junction of the Rhine and Nahe rivers, Bingen is a city that is connected to a very old poltergeist story. The report appears in the Annales Fuldenses which were written in the Abbey of Fulda, Franconia during the ninth century, covering the rule of the Carolingian line from Louis the Pious (778–840) to Louis III, ending in 1901.

The case concerns a farmer living near Bingen who was haunted by a distressing poltergeist. Phenomena attributed to the poltergeist would be stone throwing, crops being burnt, fires being started and the walls of his farmhouse vibrating. The poltergeist would also shout accusations at the poor farmer which also included the suggestion that he had been having a sexual relationship with the daughter of one his foremen. Interestingly the poltergeist would follow him around and hence his neighbours would refuse to allow him near their homes.

Not much information is available about this case, though I have come across sources suggesting dates from 858BC, which would not correlate to when the Annales Fuldenses was written. It possibly took place around 858AD.

The Annales Fuldenses also includes accounts of Viking raids circa 845AD and other events that were considered miraculous at that time such as earthquakes and comets being sighted.

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