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Tuen Mun Road

Built in 1977 (whilst Britain still governed Hong Kong) the Tuen Mun Road was one of Hong Kongs first high speed roads, linking Tuen Mon and Tsuen Wan. The road apparently has a high volume of accidents and has acquired a reputation of being haunted by the ghosts of those who have died on it. Some blame the ghosts for causing the accidents by popping up in the middle of the road, forcing the drivers to swerve to avoid them, resulting in a crash. Apparently there are hundreds of witness accounts of these ghosts appearing. There have also been claims that the ghosts have caused drivers to lose complete control of their vehicles.

A possible explanation for the amount of road accidents and the large amount of congestion it gets is the roads layout and heavy usage. The steep terrain on which the road was built winds around the coastline and made the construction difficult. It required several viaducts and cuttings to be added, so to reduce construction costs the carriageways were made narrow and there are also blind spots, which you don’t tend to find on modern motorways.

Ian Topham

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