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Chibbyr Undin & Chibbyr Unjin Holy Wells Of Malew

Chibber Undin (Chibbyr Undin) - The Foundation Well or Chibber Undin when written about in the late 19th century was described as being close to the remains of an ancient Keeill which a Manx word for cell or chapel and these remains are often quoted as measuring 21 feet long by 12 feet broad. In his ‘Surnames and Place Names Of The Isle of Man’ A W Moore described the folk customs associated with the well. "The water of this well is supposed to have curative properties. The patients who came to it, took a mouthful of water, retaining it in their mouths till they had twice walked round the well. They then took a piece of cloth from a garment which they had worn, wetted it with the water from the well, and hung it on the hawthorn-tree which grew there. When the cloth had rotted away, the cure was supposed to be effected."

The Eve of St John the Baptist was said to be the day when the healing powers stood the best chance of working. Women wanting to bare children would also use the well, adding a prayer for a child.

Whilst researching what is known about and trying to map the locations for the above Chibber Undin and the Chibber Unjin below, I came across speculation on that they may be one in the same, though early texts refer to them as two very seperate wells. Chibber Unjin is also close to a keeill, which I think is Keeill Unjin, Grenaby, Malew, which like the unnamed keeill above measures 21 feet by 12 feet.

Chibber Unjin (Chubbyr Unjin) - Chibber Unjin is the Ash Well, so named as a sacred ash tree rather than a thorn tree was said to grow over it and offerings of rags hung from it as offerings. Chibbyr Unjin, Ballabeg, Malew coul dbe found 70 yards South South East of the Keeill and 300 yards East of Ballatrollog. By 1899 it was said to have been filled in.

The map shows Grenaby and when I find the exact location of the well(s) I will amend it accordingly.

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