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Bran The Blessed

A Welsh and Irish god of giant size who was the son of the sea god Mannannan Mac Lir.

Bran had many heroic episodes, but was fatally injured during an excursion to Ireland to rescue his sister Branwen. Mortally wounded in the foot with a poisoned spear, he ordered his companions to take his severed head to the White Mount, where the Tower of London now stands.

His companions travelled on the road with his severed head for four score years and seven, all the while Bran's head kept them company. Eventually his companions carried out his wishes, and his head was buried in the appointed place, facing France to guard against invasion.

It is said to have remained buried for many years until King Arthur had it exhumed, claiming his right as the only guardian of Britain.

The Tower of London has other connections with Bran. Bran means Raven in Welsh, and Ravens are kept in the tower, it is said that if they fly away England will be lost. The Ravens have their wings clipped to prevent this happening.

Bran is an archetypal British Celtic hero, and it has been surmised that he is the root of the character known as the Fisher King from Arthurian romance.



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