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A goddess associated with farming and with cattle, two very important commodities in Celtic society. She was reared on the milk of a fairy cow, and pictured as a beautiful woman wearing a crown, and a breastplate, and carrying a spear.

The Brigante tribe of Yorkshire were named after their worship of her, and in many ways she can be seen as analogous to the Irish Brigid, but with more warlike attributes. According to some researchers she also has her counterpart in the Southern British war goddess Adraste, who was invoked by Boudicca during her rebellion against the Romans in 60-61AD.

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Re: Brigante

I am looking for stories about Rombalds Moor, there is Rombald the giant and his wife who dropped stones from her apron, very little of story.  It is also said that the name rombald came from Norman landowners.
A story around Brigante, fighting the romans and a connection with the cow and calf rocks would be very good.  Do I have to create it or is there something out there already?



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