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Celtic Pantheon Quick Guide

Abandus - God of Godmanchester in Huntingdonshire.

Ambisagrus - The persistent.

Andraste - The goddess of victory, invoked by Boudicca during her uprising in AD60.

Aramo - The gentle god.

Arawn - Welsh god of the underworld or Annwn. He was the keeper of a magic cauldron.

Arduinna - Goddess associated with the wild boar.

Arianhrod - Her name means the silver wheel, which suggests the moon. She was a sky goddess and the mother aspect of the triple goddess. Mother of Dylan and Llyn Llaw Gyffes.

Balisama - The goddess of the river Mersey.

Belenos - God associated with fire.

Blodeuwedd - Welsh goddess associated with flowers and the moon, maiden of the triple goddess. She was turned into an owl by Gwydion.

Bran - Welsh and Irish hero of giant size, he is associated with the protection of Britain.

Branwen - Sister of Bran and the daughter of Llyr, she is associated with love and beauty.

Brigantia - Goddess associated with cattle, poetry and learning. The Brigantes, one of the largest British Celtic tribes of the late Iron Age were named after her.

Cailleach Bheur - The Scottish blue-faced winter hag, probably once worshiped as the crone aspect of the earth mother.

Ceridwen - Goddess of fertility and poetry, she was also seen as the dark aspect of the triple goddess.

Cernunnos - The lord of the forest or the horned god, the male aspect of nature.

Coventina - The goddess of a sacred well in the Roman fortification at Carrowborough, Northumberland. She was venerated with votive offerings.

Deva - Goddess of the river Dee and other rivers with similar root names.

Dylan - Son of Gwydion and Arianhrod, he is associated with the sea and the symbol of a silver fish.

Elaine - Welsh goddess, the maiden aspect of the triple goddess.

Epona - Horse goddess adopted by the Romans.

Gwyethyr - Welsh god of the upper world, a counterpart to Gwynn ap Nudd.

Gwydion - Welsh god of wisdom father of Dylan and LLyn Llaw Gyffes. He is associated with magic and shapeshifting.

Gwynn ap Nudd - God of the underworld believed to reside under Glastonbury tor.

Herne the Hunter - Antler headed leader of the wild hunt, who haunted Windsor Great Park in Berkshire. A story suggests he was a royal huntsman who committed suicide, but the root of his name stems from Cernunnos the horned god.

Llew Llaw Gyffes - Welsh solar god, son of Gwydion and Arianhrod.

Llud / Lud - God of London, once known as Lud's fortress.

Llyr - Welsh god of the sea and wate,r probably derived from the Irish god Lir.

Mannanan Mac Lir - Welsh and Irish god of the sea, the Isle of Man is named after him.

Maponus - God of hunting and youth, identified with Appollo.

Math - God of the underworld and the patron of magic.

Morrigan - Celtic Goddess of War and the Battlefield. Associated with war, courage, carnage, Ravens, and death.

Nodens - God of Lydney in Gloucestershire, he was the father of Gwynn ap Nudd, and was associated with healing.

Rhiannon - Goddess of horses.

Scatha / Scathach - The warrior queen of the Isle of Skye who taught Cuchulainn.

Taliesin - Associated with bards, poetry, wisdom and music.

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