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Frigg, Queen of Heaven

Frigg is the mother goddess of the Nordic pantheon, as the wife of Odin she is one of the most powerful goddesses, and 'Queen of the Heavens'.

She was the daughter of Nott and Nat and the mother of Baldur, the fairest of the gods.

She is often described as the 'Weeping Goddess', because of the untimely loss of her son Baldur through the trickery of Loki. He came to her in the guise of a woman to ask the secret of how Baldur could be killed. She shares the weeping goddess characteristic with Freyja, whose tears became amber.

She is associated with childbirth, physical love, marriage, wisdom, children and fertility. She granted aid to women in the pains of labour, and her associations with childbirth and the naming of children links her to the primal fertility goddess.

St Distaff's day on the 7th of January is traditionally associated with Frigg.



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