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The Morrigan is the fearsome Irish Goddess of Death, Conflict and Sexuality. Her name means 'Phantom Queen'. She is also known as Nehain (Frenzy) and Badhbh (Raven or Crow).

She is depicted as a sultry yet dangerous maiden, a old hag or a raven. Dagda the Irish 'Good God' (meaning skilled rather than good) had sexual intercourse with Morrigan whilst she straddled the River Unius, washing the blood from the clothes of warriors yet to die in an upcoming battle. This took place on Samhain Eve (1 November), which marks the seasonal change in the Celtic Calendar.

She was invoked before and during battle, and is the dark aspect of the earth mother.

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Re: Morrigan

There is also the believe her name may mean Great Queen....the word Mor - mean Great...and Rigan-queen.

Aengus Og's sword Moralltach meant Great Fury.



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