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Odin, The All Knowing

The Germanic god of wisdom, war and magic, he was worshiped throughout Britain, wherever the Vikings and other Nordic tribes settled. Many places are named after him, or from derivations of his name.

Odin was born of giants named Borr and Bestla. He helped in shaping the earth from the slain body of Ymir, and created humankind from an Ash and an Elm tree. The god is depicted as a strong and tall middle-aged man, with a long beard, one eye and a grey cloak with a blue hood. He often walked in the mortal world observing the ways of men; he would always appear in a blue cloak and a wide brimmed hat, which was pulled down over his face to hide his single eye and his true identity.

OdinOdinOdin was all knowing and all seeing, and much of his knowledge and wisdom was hard won: He gave up an eye to drink from the Mimir's Well of Knowledge, and hung pinned to Yggdrasil with a spear for nine days, so that he could gain the knowledge of the runes.

In Britain Odin was seen as a leader of the wild hunt, and roamed the countryside with his pack of hounds searching for the souls of men. His horse Sleipnir had eight legs, and could ride faster than any mortal horse.

Odin was eventually identified as the Devil in Christian Britain, often when a new religion is introduced, the older gods become the new religions devils or demons.

Odin was also known as Woden or Wotan by the Anglo Saxons, and Wednesday is derived from his name.

He was consulted and invoked for magic, wisdom and occult matters.



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