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Giant's Graves

The Giant's Graves are actually early Bronze Age horned galley graves with a central chamber. The covering mound has long since weathered away, leaving the inner chamber as a jumble of upright stones standing over a narrow stone lined depression in the ground. The term 'horned gallery grave' relates to the semi circular forecourt, which would have framed the entrance to the mound when it was completed.

There are the remains of two chambers situated in coniferous woodland clearing crowning a hill over Whitesand Bay. The site is approached by a woodland path and steep wooden steps, which lead up through the dark coniferous forest. The path follows a circular walk, which takes in a spectacular waterfall, and an Iron Age hill fort, like much of Arran the area has many ancient sites and was obviously an important place for our ancestors.

When I visited the site it was deserted and the clearing had a strange quiet atmosphere, there were no birds singing in the trees around the site, although their incessant chatter had been with me through most of the forest walk.

There are similar graves throughout the island, the nearest being Meallach's grave, which is in woodland just off the wide track leading from the circular path to Lamlash. I visited the site on the same day as giant's graves and found the same brooding atmosphere at both sites.

A circular signposted path from Whiting Bay leads to the Giant's Graves. There is a steep climb up wooden steps.

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Daniel Parkinson

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