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On 17 December 2010 the Dumfries Standard published the following story by Julie Watt entitled 'Ghost hunter has spooky experience on Dumfries bypass'.

A GHOST hunter from Dumfries had a “terrifying” experience on the Dumfries bypass on Sunday.

Derek McCall, who is a member of paranormal investigation team Mostly Ghostly, was driving near the Terregles Road bypass bridge at around 8.15pm when he caught sight of what appeared to be an old lady on the roadside.

He told the Standard: “I was aware of a figure suddenly appearing at the side of the road; it was an elderly woman with a pronounced stoop and walking stick in her hand. The heart-stopping part of it was that she wandered straight into the road in front of me.

“I was doing 60 miles an hour and was convinced I was about to hit an old lady and most probably kill her.”

But at this point Derek claims the old lady disappeared out of his sight.

He added: “At the point where the next thing should have been a devastating bang, the figure simply vanished as suddenly as it had appeared. I had hit the brakes but if it had been for real it would have been too late, I would have hit her before I hit the brakes. I checked the rear view mirror but, apart from myself, there was no-one or nothing else on that stretch of road.”

He was on his way to pick up Kathleen Cronie at the time, who is another member of the Mostly Ghostly Team.

Derek added: “Although I am absolutely relieved that there wasn’t a real old lady, it has to be said that the horrible gut-wrenching panic and fear I felt as I thought I was about to hit an elderly woman at 60mph was real enough. So real was it in fact that I was still shaking when I picked Kathleen up 10 minutes later. This was probably the most full on and scary experience I have had so far since becoming a paranormal investigator and stranger still since it came totally out of the blue.”

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