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Blue Stane, St Andrews

The Blue Stane (stone) now largely ignored, was once a Celtic place of power in the landscape around St Andrews. Its present location (behind the railings opposite Hope Park Church) is not its original, and it has been moved several times in its history.

Its first home was said to be on Magnus Muir, it was thrown there from Blebo Craigs (a distance of 5 miles) by an angry giant who was aiming at the missionary St Rule. In the past the stone stood as a focus for meetings and oath taking. Knights swore faith to the kings of Scotland over it, and wayfarers patted the stone for good luck on their journey.

It was probably a sacred stone in ancient times, perhaps connected in some way to Blebo Craigs as the giant legend suggests. There are other blue stones in Scotland, and the one in Crail churchyard was also hurled over a great distance.

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