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Corrimony Chambered Cairn

The passage grave of Corrimory in Glen Urquart, consists of a circular mound of river pebbles enclosed by an outer kerb, and a ring of 11 standing stones. The construction of the cairn is of the Clava style, as the cairns at Bulnaraun of Clava are used as a standard for cairns of this period and region.

by Michaela Waterhouseby Michaela WaterhouseIt is still possible to access the central chamber via a claustrophobic passage some 7 metres in length, although the burial chamber is now open to the elements

The mound was excavated in 1952 - when it was restored to its present condition - and traces of a burial in foetus position were discovered.

The passage and chamber are aligned on a Southwestern axis, probably with some relevance to the Midwinter sunset, as with the cairns at Clava. Midwinter was an important time of rebirth in the ancient calendar, as the sun began to regain its hold over the dark nights.

Directions: Reached via the A832 off the A82 at Drumnadrochit

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