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Langside Queens Park

Ghostly soldiers have been near the boating lake on the anniversary of the Battle of Langside that was fought here on 13 May 1568 and marked the final defeat of Mary Queen of Scots. Mary had been forced to abdicate in favor of her infant son James, leaving James Stewart, Earl of Moray (Mary's half-brother) regent until James matured and Mary held captive in Loch Leven Castle.

After her escape in 1568, Mary amassed an army of 6000 under the command of the Earl of Argyll. She declared that her abdication was made under threat of death and the whole process making Moray Regent was treasonable.

The battle lasted forty five minutes and saw 300 casualties before Mary's army was routed. Moray held his forces in check so that his army did not massacre the retreating enemy, thus avoiding as much bloodshed as possible.

Mary fled south, stopping at Dundrennan Abbey before fleeing to England. She never saw Scotland again.

Ian Topham

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