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Caroline Park House

Caroline Park House dates from 1685. It was commissioned for Sir George Mackenzie, 1st Lord Tarbat (1630 - 1714) and has a reputation for being haunted. In 1683, George Mackenzie had bought the Royston Barony and had originally named this building Royston House. It was named Caroline Park House after the daughter of John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyle, 1st Duke of Greenwich KG (10 October 1678 – 4 October 1743) who bought the property in 1739. Just before his death in 1742 Campbell was made Commander in Chief of the British Army. The house eventually came into the hands of the Duke of Buccleuch when the said Caroline Townshend, 1st Baroness Greenwich (17 November 1717–11 January 1794) married Francis Scott, Earl of Dalkeith (son of the 2nd Duke of Buccleuch).

Alicia Ann Spottiswoode (1810- 13 March 1900) the famous Scottish singer songwriter and wife to Lord John Montague-Douglas Scott, (son of the 4th Duke of Buccleuch) supposedly had a strange experience at Caroline Park House. She was said to be sat in the drawing room alone when a cannon ball came through the window and bounced along the floor. When the serving staff arrived to see what had distressed her the cannon ball had vanished and the window was unbroken.

This was reported again 1879 when a Governess at Caroline Park House had an identical experience. It has been suggested that the hearing loud banging noises thought to be the phantom cannon ball became a fairly common experience.

A second apparition is also said to haunt the house and grounds. A green lady identified as Lady Royston, is said to emerge from the garden and glide to the front door before disappearing.

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