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Two Norse giants lived on the Isle of Unst, which is the most northerly of the Shetland Islands. One giant was called Herman and his rival was Saxi (Saxa). Both giants fell in love with a mermaid who they would see swimming around the coast. One day the mermaid told the two giants that she would stay with whichever of the two could follow her to the North Pole, after which set off swimming North. Both Herman and Saxie waded into the ocean to follow there love and were never seen again.

Saxa Vord is the most northerly hill on Unst and therefore the most northerly hill on an occupied island of the United Kingdom and it named after the giant Saxi. Giants played a role in Norse mythology and many of their stories came with them when they settled here. Hermaness the National Nature Reserve on Unst is named after the giant Herman.

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