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Smoo Cave

Smoo Cave is a limestone cavern consisting of three chambers, a burn enters the second chamber through a hole in the roof falling for a distance of 80 feet.

The cave is said to be the entrance to the otherworld, and has 2 legends associated with it. The first relates to a piper who goes into the cave playing and is never seen again. The legend is very common in Scotland, and usually denotes an entrance into the fairy realm.

The second tale relates to Lord Reay, a famous wizard from the local area. While the wizard was in Rome studying the black arts, the Devil is said to have stolen his shadow while trying snatch his soul. The wizard was exploring the first cavern with his pet dog on his return from Rome, when his dog went forward into the second cavern, let out a yelp, and came running back hairless.

The wizard knew that the Devil lay in wait in the cavern to claim his soul, but just as the wizard was about to accept his fate, the first rays of sunlight filtered into the cave and a cock crowed, heralding the new dawn. The Devil, and three witches with him, blasted out through the roof of the cavern to escape, leaving the hole where the water runs to create the waterfall.

Daniel Parkinson

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