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Dunrobin Castle

The castle is interesting because of its associated haunting, and it also houses a museum within its grounds containing many enigmatic picture stones. These stones, found all over Eastern Scotland are Pictish in origin, and nobody has successfully explained the strange symbols and pictures which decorate their surface.

The Castle was originally under the ownership of the Earl of Sutherland in the 13th Century, the castle then passed to the Gordon's through marriage. The castle came into the hands of the Marquis of Stafford in the 18th century.

The castle's current appearance only dates from the 19th and 20th century, when it was redesigned and refurbished to its present gothic appearance. The 15th century keep is still intact and formed the major core for later building.

Ghosts and legends
The upper floors of the castle are said to be haunted by the ghost of the daughter of the 4th Earl. She tried to flee the castle with her lover but was caught in the process. The Earl did not think the man worthy enough for his daughter and had her imprisoned in an attic room. She fell to her death while trying to escape and is now said to wander the castle.

Directions: The castle can be reached off the A928.

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