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St Clements Church , Rodel

This gloomy atmospheric church, dating from the sixteenth century, is dedicated to St Clement, who was a bishop of Dunblane parish. The church houses many monuments to the MacLeod clan from Dunvagan (famous for the fairy flag) and Harris. Two of the tombs are in the form of weathered, armoured effigies dating from the fifteen hundreds. The church also has an assortment of grave slabs, and carvings of religious scenes.

St Clements ChurchSt Clements ChurchOn the outside Southern wall of the church, there is a weathered carving of a Sheil na Gig, along with other carvings (showing figures set at strange angles). There is still debate as to why Sheil Na Gigs are found on ancient churches, they are blatantly sexual with pagan overtones, and it is surprising that any have survived the reformation intact. Although the present church dates from the sixteenth century it stands on the foundations of a much earlier building, probably from the thirteenth century, when the church was first dedicated.

Directions: Off the A859, Rodel to the South of Harris.

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