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Top 10 Haunted Castles UK and Ireland

There are hundreds of stunning castles all over the UK and Ireland – many of which are haunted by numerous ghosts and spirits. Take a ride with us as we explore ten of the UK and Ireland’s most haunted castles.

Wardour Castle, Wiltshire
Wardour Castle is located in the haunted county of Wiltshire. Parts of it date way back to the 13th century. It was badly damaged following a prolonged siege by the Arundel family who were defending the castle against the Roundheads. Legend has it, the castle is now haunted by members of the Arundel family who were killed in the fight – one of them, Lady Blanche Arundel, can often be seen walking towards the lake at twilight.

Walworth Castle, Darlington
Walworth Castle was refurbished into a luxurious castle hotel in 1981, but the luxurious façade hides a few spooky secrets. The castle is haunted by the ghost of a maidservant who was brutally killed by the Lord of the castle when she became pregnant by him. He murdered her and bricked her body into a staircase and she can be heard climbing those stairs late at night.

Bellister Castle, Northumberland
Bellister is a picturesque castle that is privately owned by the National Trust. It’s now let to tenants, but rumour has it, the castle is haunted by the ghost of a grey man who once worked as a minstrel at the castle. He was killed by a pack of dogs and is now seen wandering the grounds of the castle.

Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon
Berry Pomeroy Castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a White Lady who brings bad luck and misfortune to those who spot her. She met her unfortunate end when her sister locked her into a dungeon in a fit of jealous rage, leaving her to starve to death. She’s often seen walking the ruins and is said to bring feelings of hatred and fear to those who see her.

Castle Rising Castle, Norfolk
Castle Rising was once the home of Queen Isabella of France, who is said to still haunt the building today. Her husband preferred the company of men, so Isabella became the mistress of Roger Mortimer. She and Roger had her husband killed, but her son then killed Roger. Isabella apparently went mad in the last few years of her life, and if you visit the castle, you might still hear her screams.

Castle Rushen, Isle of Man
Castle Rushen dates back to at least 1200 and is thought to be haunted by the ghost of a Grey Lady and her son. The Grey Lady’s son died and she was tried and convicted of his murder. She was hung for killing him and then it was discovered that her son actually died of natural causes. You can sometimes catch a glimpse of the Grey Lady and her son crossing the drawbridge together.

Ludlow Castle, Shropshire
Ludlow is a pretty castle set in the countryside of Shropshire. But it hides a dark secret – it’s haunted by the ghost of Marion De La Bruyere. She was betrayed by a knight who convinced her of his love so that he and his knights could find a way into the castle. Angry at his betrayal, she killed him with his own sword. Marion is sometimes spotted wandering around the hanging tower and the sounds of her breathing and gasping can be heard in the same area.

Glamis Castle, Tayside
This castle dates back to before the 13th century. It’s had a long and tumultuous history and is said to be haunted by many ghosts, but possibly the most active ghost is that of Lady Janet Glamis. She was burned at the stake after her servants and others gave false evidence to say that she was a witch. She can now be seen above the clock tower and others have seen and heard her in the chapel.

Meggernie Castle, Tayside
Dating back to 1585, Meggernie Castle is still occupied today. But it’s thought to be haunted by one of the wives of the Chief of the Clan Menzies. She was murdered by her husband who attempted to conceal her by cutting her body in half. He buried her lower half in the churchyard and the upper half in the North tower. You can see the halves of her body in those areas of the castle today – and if she touches you, you’ll feel a burning sensation.

Raby Castle, County Durham
Raby Castle was built back in the 14th century and is thought to have been haunted by the ghost of Christopher Vane’s wife since the 17th century. Christopher’s wife was an ill-tempered woman, made worse by her son defying her wishes for him to marry another girl. In death, she is still incredibly angry – she can be seen walking the halls, knitting furiously – so furiously that you can see her needles glowing white hot.

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