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The Bull Hotel, Abergele

The Bull Hotel on Chapel Street Abergele has an interesting history, and is also alleged to be haunted. In 1848, Jane Roberts owned the building and allowed the Mormon preacher John Parry Junior to preach from the house. The building became the Abergele branch of the Latter Day Saints and converted many people to Mormonism between 1848 and 1856 when it was eventually discontinued (because most of the parishioners had left Wales to live in Utah).

The strange phenomena that have been allegedly happened or been seen are as follows:

1) The apparition of a man in black motorcycle leathers has been reported by some staff and guests (apparently, a young man who once lived in the property died in a motorcycle accident).

2) The apparition of a monk has been reported (a monk is said to have died in the building after fatally slipping on a wet floor and hitting his head).

3) There have been reports of a ghostly woman being seen at random places throughout the building.

4) People have reported seeing shadows, hearing strange sounds, feeling cold spots and smelling unusual aromas throughout the hotel.

Simon Topham

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