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Pentre Ifan

This is one of the most recognisable chambered cairns in Wales, with a huge capstone supported by the points of 3 upright stones.

According to archaeologists the burial chamber was constructed in two phases; the first involving the construction of the dolmen portal with a large capstone and a central chamber, constructed in a shallow pit. A square shaped cairn was added around the uprights, possibly with a horned entrance and a semicircular forecourt. In the second phase the mound was extended to the North, and large stones were erected to the forecourt entrance. The site was excavated in the 1930's but little archaeological remains were discovered.

According to local folklore the chambered cairn is haunted by fairies, who - according to local tradition - have been seen nearby.

Directions: The site is reached from a series of minor roads from the A487 or the B4329, it is well sign-posted.

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Daniel Parkinson
Daniel Parkinson

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