You are hereLlyn Llech Owain (The Lake of Owen's Flag)

Llyn Llech Owain (The Lake of Owen's Flag)

Folklore suggests that this lake was created when a well overflowed on Mynydd Mawr. The well keeper was a man called Owain (Owen), and one day after letting his horse drink from the cool waters, he forgot to replace the large stone slab that capped the well. The water flooded out down the valley, and was on the verge of submerging the whole area when Owain glanced back and realised what was happening. He quickly galloped back, and rode in a circle around the well until the tracks left by his horse's hooves stopped the water flowing.

Lakes created by overflowing wells seems to be a common motif in British folklore.

Directions: To the North of Gorslas alon the B4297

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