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Barclodiad-y-Gawres Chambered Cairn

This burial mound has five carved stones within its chamber, now capped by concrete to prevent their erosion. The stones are carved with a range of patterns including spirals cup marks and zig-zag features. The purpose of these marks is unknown, but they may have had some ritual function.

According to local folklore the tomb was created by a giantess, who was carrying the huge boulders in her apron. The weight was too much for the apron strings and the stones fell to form the cairn.

Chambered cairns were often seen as the work of giants or legendary figures, often transformed to giant size.

The opposite drawing shows a portion of the carving on one of the stones. Their meaning is elusive.

Directions: The burial chamber is situated on the Anglesey coast, on a footpath off the A4080.

Daniel Parkinson

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Re: Barclodiad-y-Gawres Chambered Cairn

Look at the stone very closely...then study the Google map...a lot!!!  The snake-like designs on the stone MATCH the wavey land pattern on the satellite view...the diamond pattern with the circle in it has a very inportant ancient Royal buried in it...the diamond shapped figure without the circle has stuff in it...there is a huge chamber...there is an ancient entrance, which is covered to look much like normal growth over time...go them both...the stone matches the terrain of the land...just tip the stone sideways to match the map...where it is open in the stone...the left facing you, is open because the water was/is there...there is no boundry as is on the rest of the stone-map...
Now, just to the upper right of the runway's end and over the road, is a serpent-type pattern...this pattern is no a treasure this piece of land is...uit's ancient secrets are blasting out to the viewer!
This land should be looked at through ancient eyes...!

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