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Capel Garmon Burial Chamber

Located to the south of the village of Capel Garmon, signposted and in a farmer’s field, are the remains of an ancient Neolithic chambered cairn. It is estimated that the ruins are around 5,000 years old, and it was excavated sometime between 1925 and 1927. It has a curved passage approximately fifteen feet long and four feet high, and two circular burial chambers to the east and west. The current entrance is actually one of the burial chambers and was made in the 19th Century when the monument was used as a stable. There has been some considerable renovation using dry stone walling and concrete beams at the site. It has one capstone, approximately fourteen feet wide and two ‘false’ passages leading nowhere (either for ceremonies or to help protect it from desecration). Some stones have been laid out on the ground to outline the perimeter of the original cairn.

Simon Topham

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