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Fynnon Powell (Powell’s Well)

This spring on the Great Orme is a water source that doesn’t seem to dry up, even in the driest weather. There is a story associated with the well, which tells of its mysterious formation. Many years ago, the Powell family lived in a dwelling close to where the well is now situated. One summer there was a severe drought on the Great Orme, not only did the animals suffer, but the Powell family suffered too. Due to some local dispute between the Powell’s and all of their neighbours, they were not allowed to go near any water sources on the Orme, or they would be killed, it was that serious. In desperation the family went to the nearby St. Tudno’s church to pray to God for his help. When they returned to their home afterwards, they found to their amazement and joy a bubbling spring close to their front door. The spring is named after the Powell family.

Simon Topham

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