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St. Beuno's Well

Saint Bueno was born in Powys, and became a missionary who had the protection of the King of Gwynedd, Cadfan. Bueno was awarded the village of Clynnog Fawr where he founded a church in 630.AD. Later the site became a monastery of great importance in Wales, since manuscripts have been found to say that the Abbot of Clynnog was entitled to a seat at the court of the King of Gwynedd.

The Holy Well of St. Bueno, in Clynnog Fawr was once the source of water for the monastic community there. St. Beuno reputedly had miraculous powers and the spring became a famous healing well, and it reputedly cured many ailments from epilepsy to nervousness. It was a favoured well for curing eye problems and children would be brought to the well from many miles away to be healed of their illnesses. The well is walled, with an open top. There are steps that lead down to the water, where there are seats. After the sick had bathed there, they may have been taken to St. Bueno’s chapel where they could have spent the night laying on top of the saint’s tomb. Clynnog Fawr is on the pilgrim’s route through the Lleyn peninsula to Bardsey Island.

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