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Moel Goedog Hillfort

In a commanding position situated on the hills above Harlech are the remains of the suspected late Bronze Age hillfort known as Moel Goedog. It is adjacent to the prehistoric track way of Fonlief Hir, which is indicated by a series of standing stones along the route. Fonlief Hir is thought to have begun at Meini Hirion (Llanbedr Standing Stones) and to run in a roughly North Easterly direction into the hills behind Harlech to Moel Goedog hillfort. There are thirteen stones remaining on the Fonlief Hir, and the track would have indicated a safe passage from the shore to the Moel Goedog hillfort. Moel Goedog is almost circular and would have consisted of two concentric walls (probably with wooden palisades) since the ditches between the banks are only one metre deep. There is an entrance on the south-west side of the hillfort which consists of a gap between the two walls. Two stone farm walls now bisect the hillfort, and there are the remains of two Bronze Age cairn circles to the west of the hillfort (Moel Goedog, East and Moel Goedog, West).

Simon Topham

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