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Fynnon Galchog (The Lime Well)

This natural spring is situated on flat ground on the northern side of the headland of Great Orme. It is said that it never runs dry, even in times out drought. The water from the well is also said to be beneficial in the development of strong bones and teeth in children. There is an old story linked to this well. A maiden and her brother went to the well for water; it was during the winter and at twilight. Retracing their steps home again with their water, they saw what they believed to be a man walking towards them, as if to meet them. They both stared at the man for a while, and then he suddenly started to swirl around, and he took the form of a bundle of hay. The bundle of hay rolled and swirled until it fell off the Great Orme and into the sea below. Sometime later, a great fish was caught in the bay, and inside the fish they found a bundle of hay. It was believed by most, to be the same bundle that the young siblings witnessed.

Simon Topham

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