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Ysbyty Gwynedd

Situated in the Penrhosgarnedd suburb of Bangor, Gwynedd, is the main hospital for North West Wales, Ysbyty Gwynedd. The hospital is allegedly haunted.

1) Two nurses on night shift, after returning from the canteen, were passing the lift area when they saw an elderly man in his 70’s with white curly hair, dressed in a brown dressing gown waiting for the lift. The doors to lift three opened and he stepped in. The lift doors closed just as the nurses reached the lift, and they pressed the button. Immediately the door opened, but there was no sign of the old gentleman. The nurses were sure he stepped into lift three, because lift two was out of order, lift four was on the top floor and lifts one and five were only used for stretchers and beds.

2) A nurse working the night shift was asked to go over to the Anne Ward to relive staff members that were due a break. Across from the Anne Ward was a private block that was staffed by the nurses on Anne Ward. The nurse answered a call bell from the private block, a gentleman in room four, and on her way back to the Anne Ward she noticed an elderly lady sitting on her own in the dark in room two. When the nurse asked the lady if she was alright, the lady replied that she was okay but couldn’t sleep. So, the nurse asked her if she wanted a cup of tea, and the lady replied “yes”. The nurse took the lady her tea and returned to the Anne Ward. When the Staff nurse returned later, the nurse told her that she had helped the man in room four of the private block and had given the lady in room two a cup of tea. The Staff nurse looked at the nurse with a confused expression, and said that the only patient in the private block was the gentleman in room four. The two of them returned to the private block and found room two empty, apart from the untouched cup of tea. On further discussion with the nurses on Anne Ward, it came to light that an old lady had been in room two earlier in the week, and she used to have sleeping trouble, but she had passed away three days earlier.

3) A patient that was visited by an unknown nurse during the night, asked who the nurse was that had helped them the following morning. It was not either of the nurses that were on duty that night, for the patient already knew them quite well. When the patient described the nurse, it was the perfect description of a Ward Sister that had died suddenly a week earlier.

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