Country and County: Brittany


Ferry of Carnoët

‘About a league below Quimperle is the ferry of Carnoet. Some portions of the old chateau of Carnoet still remain, and tradition says that this building was one of the many residences of the...



The following description of Korrigan’s as a type of water sprite was published in ‘Pictures & Legends From Normandy & Bittany by Thomas and Katharine MacQuoid (1881)’ while they were referring to the fountains...


The Ankou

The Ankou was a grim harvester of souls from the dark side of Brittany folklore, once believed to ride the dark lanes of Brittany in search of unwary travellers and the benighted.

The Ankou came in many guises, most commonly as a gangling skeletal figure with long white hair and a revolving head so he could look in every direction, his features shaded by a long brimmed hat.