Specific Location: Douglas


Theatre Royal Public House, Douglas

Now long demolished, the Theatre Royal Public House stood on Wellington Street. This pub had a reputation of once being haunted and the following article was published in the Isle of Man Times, 20...


Isle Of Man Time’s Office, Douglas (1958)

On 24 December 1958, the Isle of Man Times published the following article entitled ‘The Times Ghost Story’. This centred around the experiences of the staff at the Times’s office in Douglas. The first...

The Submerged Island

There was supposed to be a submerged island near Port Soderick which appeared every seven years. Train relates the story of one of these appearances as follows:–Many a time and oft had Nora Cain heard her old grandsire relate the tradition of the enchanted island at Port Soderick, while sitting spinning by the turf fire on a winter’s evening.