Specific Location: Gatehouse of Fleet


Kirkdale Bridge

A white lady was said to haunt Kirkdale Bridge. The Bridge dates from around 1787 and was designed by Robert Adam. The bridge was not built to the grandeur of his original plan, which...


A75 Creetown to Gatehouse

‘Between Kirkdale House and Cassencarry, on the beautiful sea-girt road leading from Creetown to Gatehouse, there stood many years ago a little cottage in a sequestered situation among the woods, where a young girl...

The Two Young Ploughmen

"You have been often at the Gatehouse," said Johnny Nicholson; "well, you’ll mind a flat piece of land near Enrick farm; well, that was once a large loch; a long way down from there is still the ruin of a mill, which at that time was fed from this loch.