Specific Location: Moniave


Haunted Saddle, Craigdarroch

At the battle of Killiecrankie on 27th July 1689 the Jacobites of ‘Bonny Dundee’ (John Graham of Claverhouse, 1st Viscount Dundee (who died in the battle), defeated the government’s army. Among the thousands that...


Pentoot and Gap’s Mill

The following account was extracted from an article by John Corrie in the ‘The Transactions and Journal of Proceedings of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society, Session 1890 – 1891’.  ‘My...


Auchenstroan and Marwhirn

In his ‘Witchcraft and Superstitious Record in the South-Western District of Scotland’ (1911), J Maxwell Wood, refers a few ‘ghostly vestiges’ in the Parish of Glencairn.  According to his text ‘At Auchenstroan and Marwhirn...