Country and County: Crown Dependencies


Whisky Smugglers using Ghost Story Cover

In an article entitled ‘Saw “Ghost” 88 Years Ago’ that was published in the Isle of Man Times [17 June 1955], 98 year old Ada Fisher describes how in 1867 she saw smugglers moving their...


Ballakilpheric Ghosts of Twins

According to an article published in Isle of man Examiner, 6 September 1902, ‘An old woman from Ballakilpheric was telling about some one that had twins in the neighbourhood, and both died when they were beginning...


Lhiannan Shee, Port St Mary

The following extract is from an Isle of Man Examiner article entitled ‘Port St Mary’s Two Ghosts’ (Published, 21 may 1937). The full article looks at the decline of boat or ship building in...


Castle Rushen

Originally dating from the 10th century the imposing Castle Rushen has a reputation of being haunted by a female figure. The ‘Isle of Man Examiner’ ran the following piece entitled ‘Castle Ghost Walks Again!’ on Thursday,...


Theatre Royal Public House, Douglas

Now long demolished, the Theatre Royal Public House stood on Wellington Street. This pub had a reputation of once being haunted and the following article was published in the Isle of Man Times, 20...


Wren Day

Wren Day is celebrated on St Stephens Day (26 December) and generally comprised of a wren being killed, attached to a pole and presented on doorsteps within the township by wrenboys, singing a rhyme...


Tehi Tegi

LONG hundreds of years ago there was a witch in the island who made herself the finest and cleverest-looking young woman in it. Her like for beauty was never before seen in this mortal...


Why The Wren Flies Close To The Earth

ONE day when the birds were all together, one of them said, “I have been watching men, and I saw that they had a king. Let us too have a king.” “Why?” asked the...


Isle Of Man Time’s Office, Douglas (1958)

On 24 December 1958, the Isle of Man Times published the following article entitled ‘The Times Ghost Story’. This centred around the experiences of the staff at the Times’s office in Douglas. The first...

The Submerged Island

There was supposed to be a submerged island near Port Soderick which appeared every seven years. Train relates the story of one of these appearances as follows:–Many a time and oft had Nora Cain heard her old grandsire relate the tradition of the enchanted island at Port Soderick, while sitting spinning by the turf fire on a winter’s evening.