The British UFO Phenomena

Strange objects have been witnessed in British skies for thousands of years, since written records began. The abbeys of England, Scotland and Wales, have many recordings of strange phenomena, it is only relatively recently that they have been identified with aliens and flying saucers. For example what would the dragons seen over Northumberland in 793, described in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, be identified as today?

The modern UFO era began in 1947, when pilot Kenneth Arrnold witnessed his flying disks skimming across the sky while flying his plane near Mount Rainier in Washington State U.S.A.

Before this time in Britain, lights and strange objects had been identified as airships, flying boats, heavenly messages, dragons and other mythological creatures. In the past 50 years the phenomena has grown, in the number of sightings and the nature of the experiences, so that we now have five different types of encounter, UFO hot spots such as Bonnybridge in Scotland, Men in Black, conspiracy theories and other strange phenomena now a part of modern folklore.

Theories about UFOs are numerous, they may be misidentified stars and planets, which can hardly explain all sightings. Or perhaps the objects are actually alien craft. Others suggest that many of the lights are a phenomena called earthlights, related to fault lines and the crushing effect of rocks, or pure misinterpretation of natural phenomena such as lightning.

We will be examining some of these theories and describing some UFO cases in the near future.