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Black Sea Mermen

In 1996 a man named Borovikov was diving in the Anapa region of the Black Sea hunting sharks. Whilst he was eight meters deep he had a strange encounter with a mermaid type creature. In his article UFOs in the Soviet Waters, Paul Stonehill described the encounter. ‘He saw giant beings rising up from below. They were milky-white, but with humanoid faces, and something like fish tails. The being ahead of its companions noticed Borovikov , and stopped. It had giant bulging eyes, as if in some vague glasses. The other two joined it. The firs one waved her hand-it was definitely a hand with membranes-towards the diver. All of them approached the diver , and stopped at a short distance. Then they turned around, and swam away.’

Paul Stonehill cited his source as being XX Vek: Khronika Neobjasnimogo (Moscow, 1996), in which the experience had been published.

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