Category: Cryptozoology


St Aidan’s Crocodile (2020)

According to a Yorkshire Live article by Nick Lavigueur 24 May 2020, he mentions being told that someone ‘has taken a video of what they believe is a crocodile submerged in the water at...


Ince Marshes Big Cat (February 2021)

The following account was reported on by Olivia Williams in a Cheshire Live article dated 02/02/2021. ‘A ‘suspected ‘big cat’ sighting was reported in Ellesmere Port on December 16, by a worker named Andy....


Chester Meadows Big Cat (January 2021)

The most recent ‘big cat’ sighting was on January 14 at around 8am, when a woman claims she heard a “really deep growl” as she was taking her new puppy on a walk on...


Chester Meadows Big Cat (December 2020)

A suspected ‘big cat’ sighting was reported on December 13 [2020] on the Chester Meadows…. Richard Evans said he took the photograph of the mysterious creature as he was heading back into the city...


Whitby Park Big Cat (February 2021)

The following account was reported in Cheshire Live by Olivia Williams in an article entitled ‘Cheshire woman describes encounter with ‘big cat’ as reported sightings continue’ (02/02/2021) The woman was walking her dog in...


Lee Bay Big Cat (2019)

On 25 August 2019 the Bristol Post published the following article by Max Baker and Alexander Brock entitled ‘Bristol man spots ‘puma’ while on holiday near coast’. ‘A Bristol man claims he had a...


Jacko The Apeman

On 4 July 1884 an article entitled ‘What Is It? A Strange Creature Captured Above Yale’ was published in the Victoria Daily Colonist. The article reproduced below detailed the capture of an apeman they...

Martin Mere, Burscough

In 2002 there were reports of a large underwater predator, probably a huge catfish living in the lake and eating the local swans. The following BBC report dates from 27 July 2002.

‘A giant fish which has attacked swans at a bird sanctuary has been spotted by wildlife experts.