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A skeletal apparition of a man still trapped in the gibbet, which displayed his corpse, was said to haunt Gibbet Hill, Beacon Edge, Penrith. The ghost is said to be that of a man called Nicholson who bludgeoned to death his godfather Thomas Parker whilst he was returning home from the Cross Keys Inn at Carleton. Nicholson was hung for his crime and his body displayed on Gibbet Hill as a warning to others.

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Re: Gibbet Hill, Beacon Edge

According to The Haunted North Country by C T Oxley, Nicholson was hanged at Carlisle Assizes in 1766 and his remains then gibbeted on Gibbet Hill.  He also identifies Thomas Parker as being a butcher from Langwathby.  Oxley says during a gale the gibbet was blown down and the locals gathered the body together and wrapping it in a winding sheet eventually gave Nicholson a proper burial.



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