Bank Underground Railway Station

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Bank Underground Railway Station
    In a 2008 article entitled Ghosts of the London Underground, Mike Heffernan stated "Sarah’s ghost has been glimpsed on numerous occasions in the Bank’s garden and on the platforms and passageways of Bank Station and there have also been reports of foul, unexplained smells and feelings of great sadness, anxiety and hopelessness in the station. "

    He also mentioned damage to the station during a World War II air raid  "On January 11, 1941, during the blitz, over 50 people were killed and nearly 70 people were injured when the Central Line ticket hall took a direct hit from a German bomb. The resulting crater measured 120ft long and 100ft wide and it had to be covered with a bailey-bridge for traffic to pass over. The station was put out of action for 2 months. "