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The Coniston UFO

On the 15 February 1954 Stephen Derbyshire, then 14, saw and photographed a UFO on the slopes of the Old Man of Coniston, above Coniston Village. The picture was blurred but the case became a classic of UFO literature of the time.

It was the era of George Adamsky and general UFO fervour, and the picture resembled the classic flying saucer shown in Adamski photographs. The object was only in sight for a short time and was described as a strange misty cloud with a definite shape.

Some time later he admitted the whole thing as a joke but some people seem to think he said this because of the intense pressure on him at the time. The original photographs were stolen a short time after the sighting.

Daniel Parkinson

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Coniston UFO

We have received the following e-mail which that puts a new light on the story form someone who who knew the witness personally.


I knew Stephen Derbishire fairly well and visited him on a number of occasions at his house Little Arrow. The photo was up on the wall, and when I queried him about it he was totally committed to it being true and real. He was then an elderly man and had no reason to lie, joke or obfuscate about it. He was also a reliable witness being a medical doctor. He was walking with a relative at the time too who was another witness.

Douglas Denny

Thank you for adding your insight.



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