Cannock Chase Creatures

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4 Responses

  1. trooper says:

    Re: Cannock Chase Creatures
    The descriptions of the cannock chase bigfoot intrigued me,
    check uot thr reports of the ‘Beast of Bolam Lake’ in
    Northumberland, practically identical.

  2. Student_of_Spooks says:

    Re: Cannock Chase Creatures
    I’d love to hear from eyewitnesses who’ve seen the beast, or any other strange sightings on the Chase.

    My e-mail is

    I am writing an article on the subject and would love to include accounts from people who’ve seen these things.


  3. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Cannock Chase Creatures
    Werewolf of Cannock Chase

  4. Mysterious Stranger says:

    Re: Cannock Chase Creatures
     I was investigating this a little bit; the sources we found said all investigations had been unsuccessful in gathering any good evidence to support any theories other than ‘ this is probably just a wild cat or a lost dog’ ( utter poppycock) the reports say of a rather large black/Gray creatures nothing like wild cats of which are shy, sneaky animals and would never go near people unless scared by another person or predator.               M.S