Category: Black Dogs


Loch Tay Black Dog

The following account was published in “The peat-fire flame : folk-tales and traditions of the Highlands & Islands” by Alasdair Alpin MacGregor (1937). ‘There is told among the clachans fringing the shores of Loch...


Roborough Down Black Dog

‘A MAN having to walk from Princetown to Plymouth took the road which crosses Roborough Down. He started at four o’clock from the Duchy Hotel, and as he walked at a good swinging pace,...


St Helen’s Well, Thorp Arch

Today the Well is dried up but Robert Charles Hope gives the following description of St Helen’s Well in The Legendary Lore of the Holy Wells (1893). ‘It was usual for those who consulted...


A710 Derry’s How

‘Between Mainsriddel and Prestonmill there is a sequestered part of the road known as “Derry’s How,” once reputed to be haunted by an evil spirit in the form of a black four-footed beast. [Another]...

Shug Monkey

According to tradition Slough Hill Lane and the area between between Balsham and West Wrattling was haunted by a black dog with the face of a monkey. It was described in James Wentworth Day’s ‘Here are Ghosts & Witches’ (1954) as ‘a cross between a big rough-coated dog and a monkey with big shining eyes.

Wicken Fen Black Dog

Wicken Fen is a wetland area which has been cared for by the National Trust since 1899. A Black Dog is said to haunt the area around Wicken Fen.

Wycoller Guytrash

A phantom Black Dog known as Guytrash (or Shriker or Skriker) was said to haunt the lanes and fields around Wycoller, Parson Lee and Height Laithe. As with many Black Dogs, seeing Guytrash was thought to be an ill omen foretelling the death of someone close to the witness.