Big Cat Attack On Horse

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  1. Daniel Parkinson says:

    Re: Big Cat Attack On Horse
    Making a lot of noise while backing away slowly: I imagine making a lot of noise would be easy, backing away slowly however, difficult if you have ‘soiled your breeks’……

    A large black cat in Ayrshire has been reported for many years, I remember talking to a witness of a sighting in the late 1990’s in Irvine who suggested that there was a strain of black foxes in the area that could account for the sightings? The mail had a good photo of a creature spotted in the grounds of a disused hospital next to the landfill site in Irvine (that is being redeveloped currently) but it is not really that clear. There is a surprising amount of countryside in the area – but not being an expert on big cats, would there not be more evidence from kills, would a cat attack a horse and then give up after spending energy on attacking such a big prey, and an article in the Scottish Daily Mail on the 23rd July suggested that the wounds looked like stanley knife marks "although there is no way anyone could have done that…..because the horse would move" so the jury is out really if we remember the just as wierd stories about the horse rippers – odd people who seemed to get pleasure from mutilating horses of which there was a spate of attacks in England in the 90’s.