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The Boggart is most commonly found in the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire, its name appears in places such as Boggart's Clough and Boggart's Hole in Lancashire. Boggarts were mischievous spirits responsible for mishaps and poltergeist activity within the home and in the countryside. They would rearrange furniture, break pots and generally be blamed for 'things that go bump in the night'.

They were often found attached to families and could be helpful within the household until they were insulted in some way. Boggarts had the ability to shape-shift, and sometimes appeared in the form of animals. If offerings were left out for them they would not cause trouble.

The supposed ghosts of people were also called Boggarts, and the word may be have been used to explain any strange phenomena in the past. An outbreak of poltergeist activity on a farm above Oldham in Lancashire was attributed to a Boggart and there are several such stories, some of which we will outline in the future.

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Re: Boggart

 id like to know more about the boggart in oldham  on the farm and boggarts hole please
im wanting to write and illustrate a story book which will feature his journey perhaps a day in his/its life
if anyone can point me to some archives of these incidnets id appreciate this
 i want to create him from what people thingk theyve seen
Elizabeth x


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Re: Boggart


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Re: Boggart

Boggarts also feature prominently in the folklore of my home county of Lincolnshire. Stories such as "The Farmer and the Boggart" illustrate this. In the marshy areas of north Lincolnshire there was a similar creature called the bogle.

These were never thought of as spirits, but as supernatural creatures in their own right.



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