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  1. elizabetha says:

    Re: Boggart
     id like to know more about the boggart in oldham  on the farm and boggarts hole please

    im wanting to write and illustrate a story book which will feature his journey perhaps a day in his/its life
    if anyone can point me to some archives of these incidnets id appreciate this
     i want to create him from what people thingk theyve seen
    Elizabeth x


  2. elizabetha says:

    Re: Boggart

  3. Cunobelinus says:

    Re: Boggart
    Boggarts also feature prominently in the folklore of my home county of Lincolnshire. Stories such as "The Farmer and the Boggart" illustrate this. In the marshy areas of north Lincolnshire there was a similar creature called the bogle.

    These were never thought of as spirits, but as supernatural creatures in their own right.

  4. Lewis says:

    Has anybody ever seen a boggart is it all just myth and legend
    I want to try and see one peharps communicate with it

  5. they are real in Ireland I saw one, one time when I was six

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