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Elephant and Castle Underground Station

The Elephant and Castle Underground Railway Station serves the Northern Line and the Bakerloo Line (originally named the Baker Street & Waterloo Railway). The apparition of a young woman has been seen several times by both staff and customers on the Bakerloo Line part of the station. She boards the train at Elephant and Castle Station, walks through the carriages then disappears with a trace. Unexplained foot falls, possibly running and rapping noises have also be heard in the station whilst it has been closed and empty.

The station was built in two halves with the Northern Line section opening on 18 December 1890 and for the Bakerloo Line half on 5 August 1906, five months after the rest of the line officially opened, with the Elephant and Castle Station being added as its southern terminus. Running between the Elephant and Castle Station in the south east and Harrow & Wealdstone Station in the north west, the Bakerloo Line serves a total of twenty five stations both above and deep below ground (10 above stations, 15 below).

Witness Account:
Below is a witness account from a London Underground employee who witnessed an apparition on a train at the Elephant and Castle Station.

'Twas around six of the evening at a Bakerloo line Underground Station - about a week ago. I was in pursuit of my duties as an employee of London Underground. So I join the train at the terminus at Elephant and Castle and walk forward to the front of the train with a view to travelling with the driver. At this point the driver has not arrived so I put my bag down and move to the rear door to wait for him. While I am waiting a girl gets into the carriage - she walks straight through the carriage and I have to move aside making some muttered apology - I sort of have to do this since I was in uniform!

A minute or so later the driver turns up, and we move toward the front of the train. I notice that the girl is not in the carriage and this is a rather immediate cause for concern - she could not have left the train without passing me - I had full view of the carriage and platform at the time. My reaction was to inform the driver - the only place she could have gone was to have walked down the tunnel - not really what we want! The driver's response was unusual: 'Oh, her. We hear about her all the time - she's even been in the papers.'

Lovely - my first real ghost is a media celebrity, - and, it must be said, very, very boring indeed.

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