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The City of London Cemetery

Opened in 1856, the 200 acre, Grade I listed City of London Cemetery is one of the largest municipal cemeteries in Europe and the final resting place for several famous people. During the 1970’s it was reported that a gravestone in the western portion of the cemetery glowed bright orange and no external light source or cause for this effect could be determined upon investigation.

Following the Union of Benefices Act 1860, unused churches in London were demolished and the remains from their cemeteries reinterred in the new City of London Cemetery. Other remains from churches destroyed in German Air Raids during World War II were also brought here for reburial.

Amongst those buried here are:
Mary Ann Nichols (26 August 1845 – 31 August 1888) (Victim of Jack the Ripper)
Catherine Eddowes (14 April 1842 – 30 September 1888) (Victim of Jack the Ripper)
Sir Edward Coke (Attorney General to Elizabeth I) – Originally buried in St Andrew’s Guild Church, Holborn
Lady Elizabeth Hatton (died 1646) (wife of Sir Edward Coke) – Originally buried in St Andrew’s Guild Church, Holborn

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